i am a renaissance lady boss...

...on the good days. In my resume, you'll find all of the places I've called home (many), all of the titles I've held (a bit random), and what I'm most proud of accomplishing in my career.

I do some other fun things too, here's where you can find it floating around the interwebs.

(This isn't me)

(This isn't me)


True story: I wrote my first book at 4 years old, and then sold it for "2 dimes and a quarter." So I guess that means I've been a professional writer for over 20 years. I am now a regular contributing writer at Career Contessa and Darling Magazine, I served a stint as a corporate copywriter, and my work has been syndicated to The Daily Muse.

Read some of my published writing here.

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graphic design

I've partnered with tech companies, innovative entrepreneurs, and creatives to tell their stories through visual imagery and branding. My experience includes websites, logos, and corporate identity. I'm an Adobe Suite nerd, and am working on improving my coding skills from basic to bomb.

Check out my design portfolio here.



I am, admittedly, that annoying friend who is always taking pictures. I've shot portraits and events as a digital photography student, an intern for an international non-profit, and a marketing professional for a tech company (I even did a gig for a wedding, but don't ask me for the proof). Travel photography is my main thing.

See a sample of some of my photography here (+ there's always Instagram).

(This isn't me either but I took this picture, so that counts for something right?)

(This isn't me either but I took this picture, so that counts for something right?)


After becoming certified at 19, I've have taught yoga around the world, from the shiny floors of the University of Southern California gym, to the leafy jungles of Costa Rica, to the rich red soils of Kampala, Uganda. After moving to Italy, I started a little yoga retreat and education business called Yoga Soule, which celebrates down dog and pizza (and maybe even down dog while eating pizza).

Take a yoga class for free with me here

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